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Are the beds extra long?
All of our beds in Traditional Double and Traditional Single rooms are Twin XL. The Carolinian, Franklin, Rameses and Granview rooms have Full XL mattresses. The platform on which the mattress rests offers almost two feet of clearance which will allow residents a lot of flexibility with storage of items.
At the end of the school year can I stay past the end date on my contract?
Unfortunately not. We house summer camps immediately after school lets out for the summer. We must have enough time to flip the rooms before the first camp arrives. Please make appropriate arrangements to have all of your belongings out by the last day of your contract (For 2016-2017, this date would be 10 AM on May 10, 2017).
How are roommates matched?
We have partnered with RoomSync to provide a modern matching platform where residents choose their own roommates. After you complete the leasing process you will be emailed a link to join our RoomSync network. You will then log in to RoomSync using Facebook, create a matching profile, and begin your search to find your new best friend - or roommate for starters. If you already have a roommate in mind, you can confirm your roommate request within RoomSync.
How are rooms assigned?
Residents who already have preferred roommates can confirm their roommate match requests using RoomSync, our roommate matching platform. If they do not already have a roommate, residents will search for and choose their own roommate using RoomSync. Residents will be able to communicate with each other during and after the selection process. In the event that potential roommates discover that they are no longer compatible, they can request a different roommate and we will do our best to accommodate any change request. To provide sufficient time and the greatest opportunity for residents to find the perfect roommate, they should apply and sign a lease as early as possible.
Can I cook in my room?
Microwave cooking is acceptable, but we can't allow residents to use hot plates or any other appliance with an open heating element. Our on-site eatery, the Agora, has very flexible hours to accommodate any resident. In addition, we also offer a Community Kitchen which residents can access to cook their favorite meals. Cookware and bakeware can be checked out from the East Desk through our Enhancements program.
Can I loft my bed?
No, you may not loft your bed. Our twin XL platform beds are 22 inches off the ground, so there is plenty of storage underneath.
Can I move in early in August?
Only students participating in approved University functions/organizations will be eligible to move in early. All early-move in requests must be submitted online here.
Can I nail pictures to the wall?
You may use thumb tacks and small picture hanging nails to decorate your room. You may not use sticky tape, putty, and hooks to mount items to the wall. Also, you may not mount your television to the wall. A cork strip is installed on the far wall of our traditional double rooms so residents may decorate that side of their room more easily.
Can first year students apply for parking at Granville Towers?
Yes, all residents can apply for parking at Granville Towers. A link to our waitlist is sent once a student leases. Because of very limited space, we offer to upper-class students first then to first year students mid-spring as space is available. Offers will be made according to placement on the waitlist. Full payment is expected at the time the offer is extended and this is the only means of securing a space. We do not mail parking passes home. They are distributed on move-in day. For further questions, please contact Kadia Kaloko at
Do students feel isolated because they live at Granville Towers and not on-campus housing?
Absolutely not! Granville is home to approximately 1,260 students of which, around 70% are first year students. We make every effort to have our residents not only get involved on property through floor and community-wide programming but also on campus. We will let you know of upcoming events that are occurring at both Granville Towers and on campus. We want our residents to meet as many friends as possible, therefore we give them as many resources to accomplish that.
Does Granville Towers accept financial aid and or scholarship money?
Yes, we do work with students who are receiving financial aid and/or scholarship money. For more information on how to get set up on our financial aid/scholarship plan, please email We may also be reached at 919-370-4500.
What is my address here at Granville Towers?
Your address is your room number. For example, if you live in 2530 Granville Towers South, your address will look like the following: Your Name, 2530 Granville Towers Lane South, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Who is my roommate?
You will receive your roommate assignment on July 10th or July 11th, 2017 by email. The email will include your room assignment, your roommate, your roommate's contact information, your suitemates' names, and their contact information (if available). Please note that since the process involves a considerable number of outgoing emails, we allocate two days to distribute room assignments. If you do not receive a room assignment by July 13, please contact
Is there wireless internet in the rooms?
Yes! Granville Towers has wireless internet in resident rooms and two Ethernet ports in each room as well. We encourage all students to bring an Ethernet cord to hook up your computer since this is always the most reliable way of staying connected.
Do I need a guarantor?

Yes, every resident is required to have a guarantor. EdR Management, Inc. will accept a security deposit equal to the full amount of the lease if an approved guarantor cannot be obtained.

How does my meal plan work?
Meal plans are included with your room type. We offer three different meal plans: 120 block meals per semester,
14 meals per week, and unlimited meals per week. The Agora operates as an all-you-care to eat facility which means that once a resident or customer comes in, they are welcome to visit as many food stations as they would like and return for unlimited seconds. Therefore, the main concept to keep in mind with the meal plans is that they reference the amount of availability the resident has to enter the Agora… not specifically a meal. However for the sake of instruction, we may refer to “entrances” as “meals.”
What is the difference bewteen block meals and weekly meals?
Weekly Plans: These include the Unlimited (includes 20 guest passes per semester) and 14 meals (includes 10 guest passes per semester). These meals are only to be used by the resident but do include the specified number of guest passes that can be used for others. The meals reset each week on Saturday night and do not roll over from week to week. The beauty of the weekly plan is the meals will reset through the end of the year. Block meal plan: Block meals reference the number of entrances into the Agora that a student has throughout the course of the semester. Residents can use their block meals for themselves and for guests. The block plan offers more flexibility as a student may use more meals during one week over another or even towards the beginning of the semester as opposed to the end. However, it is a set amount that needs to be budgeted over the course of the semester.
Can I increase or decrease my meal plan?
Prior to move-in, residents can increase their meal plan at any time by initiating a meal plan change request with the Leasing and Marketing Manager ( After move-in, residents can increase at any time by submitting a meal plan change request to the Business Office. Residents who wish to reduce their meal plan may do so by submitting a meal plan change request before the due date. The deadline for decreasing your meal plan before each semester is June 30th for the Fall and November 30th for the Spring. 
Get Well Meals

If you are ill due to a stomach bug or virus, we recommend that you designate an RA, roommate or suitemate to assist in bringing food to you.

You may select a small meal from the daily menu for your RA, roommate or suitemate to bring to you.

  • Authorize your meal to be picked up by filling out the Get Well Meal Form (available from a Dining Manager or Supervisor) which includes your signature - someone else may pick this up for you.
  • Have your RA, roommate or suitemate present the completed form and your Granville Towers ID card. The checker will collect the form, swipe your card to deduct a meal and will have a dining manager or supervisor give the designated student a "to go" box. The designated student will also need to present their Granville ID for verification purposes. Their card will only be swiped if they too are having a meal inside the Agora (not to go).
  • You do not need to call ahead to pick up a traditional sick tray.
  • Only one form may be obtained at a time and only one boxed meal per form.
What are dining hours?
The Agora, our on-site dining facility, is open the following days and times: Monday-Friday 7am-8pm (7:30pm on Fridays), Saturday-Sunday 10am-7:30 pm, and Late Night Grill (Sunday-Thursday) 8:30pm-11pm.
How far is the campus from Granville Towers?
Granville Towers is right across the street from UNC. We have the perfect location! We are only a 5-10 minute walk from main campus.
Is there a bus that picks students up from Granville Towers?
The Chapel Hill Transit can pick up students at bus stops (many with shelters and benches) that are located throughout Chapel Hill and the University. The most convenient bus stop for Granville Towers residents is located right in front of the property on Cameron Street. All standard routes are fare-free.
Is there housekeeping at Granville Towers?
Yes, there is weekly housekeeping! Housekeepers will enter your room to clean your bathroom and will clean the vanity sinks (if the space is clear of resident belongings). Please note that it is the resident's responsibility to take out their room and bathroom trash, clean their own floors, and any other areas in their rooms.
What should I bring to Granville Towers as well as leave at home?

• Laptop
• Backpack/Bookbag
• Alarm Clock
• Bedding (XL twin bed for Traditional Double and Traditional Single Rooms)
• Towels
• Laundry Basket/High-Efficiency Detergent
• Iron/Mini Ironing Board
• Multiple Plug with self-contained surge protector
• Ethernet Cable (as a backup for wireless)
• Bike and Bike Lock
• Moving Cart (trust us, you will be thankful on move-in day for this!)
• Small Microwave
• Small Mini-Refrigerator
• Cleaning supplies for use in your room (Weekly Housekeeping included for the bathrooms)
• Flash light and fresh batteries 

• Pets (except fish, but no tanks over 12 gallons)
• Toaster Ovens/Toasters
• Hot Plates
• George Foreman Grills
• Small Gauge Extension Cords (known as zip cords or lamp cords)
• Cinder/Wood Blocks and other bed risers
• Adhesive mounting devices or screws
• Halogen Lamps
• Candles
• Incense
• Coffee Makers with an open heating element 

• Trashcans (both for room and bathroom)
• Shower Liner
• Window Blinds
• Light Bulbs

What type of security does Granville Towers offer?
Security cameras are in high-traffic common areas. Also, the Operations Manager lives on property, as well as our Assistant General Manager and two Community Directors. There is also someone at the South Desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have security guards that patrol the property throughout the night. In addition, all exterior doors, basement access doors and laundry rooms are locked 24/7 and require key fob access. Each student is assigned a key to their room and it is their responsibility to keep their space secure.
Where can I rent a minifridge and microwave for my room?
If you would like to rent a minifridge and/or microwave for your room, please contact Collegiate Concepts® at
Where do I do my laundry and how much does it cost?
There are laundry facilities in each of the three tower basements. It costs $1.25 to wash a load and $1 to dry it. The machines accept credit cards, debit cards, and VISA gift cards. Residents can check a special website to see how many machines are available for use in their tower, as well as monitor how much time is left on a wash/dry cycle.
Where do I mail my payment?
Payments can be made to Granville Towers and mailed to us at: Granville Towers Business Office, 2100 Granville Towers Lane South, Chapel Hill NC 27514. Payments can also be made online. Fees do apply when paying online:
$1.25 for e-check and credit card fees are 3.25%.

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