Hungry? Let’s get some food in ya.

At Granville Towers, we offer a variety of meal plan options for our residents. Our friendly staff members ensure you'll have a high quality dining experience.

Late Night Dining
Lunch On The Go

Need lunch, but have that jam packed schedule? At the Agora, we have a bag lunch program available for residents. Residents can go to the East side check stand in the morning between 7 AM and 10 AM where they will have their cards swiped, and they can pack a lunch from Metro Deli.

Special Dinners

Here at the Agora, we like to mix it up and keep things exciting! Each month, we plan and prepare a special themed dinner for our residents. In addition to that, we offer periodical specials such as freshly prepared Soup Bars, Chili Bars, and innovative Food Showcases provided by our suppliers.

Special Diets

If you have unique dietary needs, please talk with one of our managers. We will do our best to assist you as we are experienced to address residents with specific needs, such as food allergies.

Get Well Meals

If you are ill due to a stomach bug or virus, we recommend that you designate an RA, roommate or suitemate to assist in bringing food to you. Get Well Authorization forms with more detailed instructions are available from a dining manager or supervisor.

Dining Features

  • Banhe Fusion

    A resident favorite, the menu theme at Banhe Fusion rotates daily Monday thru Friday and features some self-service or prepared to order favorites such as New York Deli, Caribbean, Taco Truck and Smoothies (just to name a few).You will also find Brunch here on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Cochina Venni

    Cochina Venni is our little taste of Italy. We feature a wide variety of freshly prepared pizzas with a daily specialty pizza, a pasta with classic pairings such as meatballs, Italian sausage, marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, and always a pasta specialty.

  • Fireside Grill

    Fireside Grill is where you will find your grilled favorites all times of the day. During breakfast, we feature: made-to-order eggs, omelets, pancakes, and specialty breakfast sandwiches, as well as a self-service breakfast station daily for those looking for that quick bite. While we'll prepare breakfast all day, we transition to more traditional grilled items at noon for lunch and dinner.

  • Hearthstone

    Hearthstone — Offering a different lineup of food from lunch to dinner, our Hearthstone Station features a hearty fare of traditional and unique entrees. Additionally, we offer vegetables and sides that appeal to a wide variety of tastes, including a vegetarian or vegan item daily at both lunch and dinner.

  • Additional Options

    At the Bella Green salad bar, residents and guests can enjoy an extensive salad bar with a variety of freshly-prepared salads, tossed greens, fresh toppings, and salad dressings. At Metro-Deli, deli meats, cheese, breads, and sandwich toppings are served. Cold fruits, donuts, and soup are available here also. And at Encore, indulge your sweet tooth at our dessert station! Our in-house baker is always coming up with some decadent new treats that are sure to delight your taste buds. We also have soft-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream, complete with sundae toppings!

Meal Plans


2020-2021 MEAL PLANS

The Agora is our on-site eatery and offers 3 different meal plans for Granville residents as well as several non-resident meal plans. A meal plan is included with the rent and cannot be excluded from your lease. The Agora operates as an all-you-care to eat facility which means that once a resident or customer comes in, they are welcome to visit as many food stations as they would like and return for unlimited seconds. Therefore, meal swipes should be treated as entrance tickets, rather than literal meals. However, for the sake of instruction, we may refer to “entrances” as “swipes.”

Meal plans are not interchangeable with campus dining facilities. The Granville Towers meal plan gives students access to the Agora only. Food at dining facilities on campus must be purchased a la carte or with Carolina Dining Services.

  • Unlimited Meal Plan:
    These meals are only to be used by the resident but includes 10 guest passes that can be used for others.
  • Block Plans:
    · 100 meals per semester / Approximately 6 Meals per week
    · 160 meals per semester / Approximately 10 Meals per week

    Block meals reference the number of entrances into the Agora that a student has throughout the course of the semester. Residents can use their block meals for themselves and for guests. The block plan offers flexibility as a student may use more meals during one week over another or even towards the beginning of the semester as opposed to the end. However, it is a set amount that needs to be budgeted over the course of the semester.
  • 10 Block Reload:
    If a resident does not wish to upgrade from the 100 block to the 160 block because they only need a small number of meals, a 10-block reload can be purchased for $90 in the Business Office. These additional 10 meals will be added to the resident’s Granville ID where the meal plan is stored and these meals will expire at the end of the semester, just like their initial block meals.
  • Changing your meal plan:
    The deadline to make changes for the Fall semester has passed. Those requests are handled by the Leasing Office and should be submitted through https://tinyurl.com/mealplanchange19. Requests to increase meal plans for the Fall semester may be submitted beginning August 28, 2020. Increases may be requested at any time during the semester after that point by emailing Megan Hess at granvilletowersrsm2@greystar.com. Any change requests for the Spring semester may be made between October 15 and October 31, 2020. The change request form will open at 9 am on October 15 and will close at 5 pm on October 31. Additional requests to increase meal plans for the Spring semester may be submitted beginning January 21, 2020 by emailing Megan Hess at granvilletowersrsm2@greystar.com.